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Gerald "Pat" Hannah's - Sarah

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Photo of a carving of sarah.

Hannah Carving -Sarah
Height 12 inches
Price $100

Gerald “Pat” Hannah became interested in woodcarving in the 1920's and was influenced by the many French Canadian and Swedish woodcarvers from the Montreal area where he grew up. He started carving in the 1930s and made it into a career until his death in 1967. He went by the nickname Pat because he was born on St. Patrick's Day.

Economic times were tough and what started out as a hobby progressed to part time and then to a full time occupation. His market at that time was gift shops and retail outlets many of them in the USA so he moved the family to Vermont in 1948. In the late 50’s he started signing his carvings “By Hannah.”

His brother Charles Hannah learned from observing Gerald and was otherwise self-taught. He also made his career out of carving.

Tom Hannah, another brother, went to school and became an accountant but carved as a hobby. He retired early and carved then full time. His woodcarvings are plentiful and probably the easiest to find. All three brothers have since passed away.

Gerald’s son, Duncan Hannah, continued the business until the early 90's when cheap imports flooded the markets making it difficult to make a living.


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