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Wyatt Sample's - Billy Bear

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Photo of a Carving of Billy Bear.

Wyatt Sample Carving -Billy Bear
Height 5 inches
Price $50 Sold

I started carving many years ago with pocketknife. I enjoyed carving small animals and people and used whatever wood I could find lying around. If I could find none, I would go out in the woods and cut a dead limb from walnut, cedar or sycamore tree on the property. It was an enjoyable hobby that I slowly got away from as I found myself busy with school and work.

Several years ago I purchased a “Wood Carving Illustrated Magazine” and after reading an article, carved a Santa Clause climbing from a chimney. I was again hooked on carving. This time I bought some quality tools and found a source for carving wood and started carving characters I found in magazines and books. While traveling for work I was lucky to find and join the Mid-Missouri Woodcarvers in Columbia, Missouri. I quickly learned a great deal from fellow members, especially Lynn Diel, a fellow member of the Mid-Missouri Woodcarvers and a demonstrator and instructor at Silver Dollar City.

In addition to classes with Lynn Diel, I have taken classes with Gerald Sears, Harley Schmitgen, John Engler, and others.

Additionally, I have learned many techniques from the books, tapes, cds, websites and live demonstrations from the likes of Harley Refsal, Greg Wilkerson, Harold Enlow, Stu Martin, Marv Kaisersatt and many others. I strive to continually improve my woodcarvings with new carving and painting techniques. I always strive to design and present my works in new and interesting ways.


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